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What is CSLIVE?
A web browser based online 3d Shooter. It is clone of Counter Strike. Game supports a multiplayer game over internet or lan. And its Free to play! open souce!
This project is still in development, feel free to join this project.
Private betatests run every day at 20:00 +2gtm

  • Free open source Server And Web Client.
  • Online Gaming (Internet & Lan)
  • Team DeathMatch
  • All Weapons from Counter-Strike. (now avaible only Desert Eagle, AK-47, Colt M4A1 Carbine)
  • Map making using Level Editor.
  • All Counter Strike classic maps

System Requements:
more screenshots

Game Controls:
  • T = Chat
  • Arrow Keys or ASDW = Move
  • PageUP or R = Reload
  • Esc = Toggle Fullscreen
  • § = Show Console
  • End or Back = Show Stats
  • Mouse Left button = Shoot
  • Space = Speciate next player
  • M = Select Team
  • B = buy

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